Danielle Smith

From Circle Of The Crone

Born in 1950. She grew up very poor. She grew up in a house without running water in the woods of West Virginia. She never really attended church regularly, but Her family was very Baptist in their beliefs. She knew Her rights and wrongs, but felt that the bible did not explain everything. She felt certain that Her parent’s close minded beliefs were wrong. They argued regularly about racism and sexism.

In 1968 when She turned 18, She joined the Air Force to get away from being poor and the backward beliefs of the area. She wanted to see the world and make up Her own mind about a few things. Being female was a large restriction in the military. She was restricted to the medical, clerical, and food preparation jobs. It always seemed that the men resented the women being in their military. They were kept separate, almost as if it were a different branch of the military all together.

War was hard and She saw many things that made Her realize that everybody is the same on the inside and that everyone bleeds red, no matter your religion, race, sexual orientation, or gender. She never saw anything that made Her believe in a Christian God, but She did see plenty of human nature and the beast within. She saw a great many zealots who did much harm in the name of a God. She turned away from Christianity.

She started looking into the natural world. She began to see truth in cycles and nature. Wicca opened Her mind; She finally found something to believe in that felt right. Innana.

After Vietnam, She was sent to Elmendorf Air Force Base in Alaska. It was a pretty open town. She felt that She might return there someday. Her last year was spent at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware. There She met people in the BDSM and Swinger lifestyles. They were the most liberated and fair people She had ever met, individual living out their base instincts, in mutually pleasing ways. This appealed to her. Everyone in the lifestyles mutually respected each other. They has a morality that fit her. She had always felt that there was nothing wrong with mutually pleasing sex or pain with another consenting adult. She became engrossed heavily in the lifestyle, eventually becoming a Domme, a Dominatrix if you will. People offered Her money to take them into Her Dungeon to tie them, whip them , torture them, and make them submissive to her. She traveled along the East Coast from state to state for private “meetings”.

Later, She opened a private club in Rehoboth, Delaware, but that was after She had drawn the attention of a Daeva in the year 1980 in Florida. He enjoyed Her style and flair with a flogger and rope. He came to Her and enjoyed Her talents many times, before he revealed himself to Her for what he truly was, a vampire. He gave Her no real choice; he broke the leather restraints that had him tied to the wall , and pounced on her. She awoke a new being, with a new hunger, blood. She traveled with him for years, learning what She could, before he grew bored with Her and moved on.

She had acquired quite a nest egg over the years. She went to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware and started her Club, Dark Dreams, in 2004. She especially loved playing with Gangrel; they are hardy folk and can take, oh so much delicious damage.

Everything was going well until in June 2005, Her sire was mysteriously killed in DC in a similar club there. She never found out who did it, which plagues Her still. She decided to move back to Anchorage, AK for a change of scenery and start another club, Dark Desires, there. When She arrived in Alaska, more bad news followed Her, Her Childe, who She had left in charge of Dark Dreams in Delaware was mysteriously caught outside at sunrise. Another of Her friends, Jake Dean, took over running the place, but the club was soon closed for fire codes, etc., in other words She wasn’t there to beat the hell out of those who wanted Her part of the City.

Her new club, Dark Desires, is doing well. She found a perfect playmate. She does not intend to make him Kindred yet; he is her ghoul. The sun cannot hurt this one. He brings her "toys" to play with; he understands and feeds her tastes. His name is Damien Sinclair. She has a new retainer as well, Giselle. She is perfectly submissive and very bright.

So far in Anchorage, she became the favorite of the Old Gangrel Prince who was too powerful to take on alone. Eventually, that prince mysteriously disappeared. The Prince that followed him, Lucius Casa Grande, was also a Lustful Daeva. She had much fun with that one.

Over the last few months, She has made an arrangement with the Hierophant. She is his consort. Together they are Mother and Father to the Crone of Anchorage. They are creating a retreat for all Crone to come to for meditation and learning Cruac.

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